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Community Response

What is ICR?

ICR uses Islamic teachings to provide brief and therapeutic engagement for children and adolescents in crisis

An ICR  practitioner doing an assessment of someone in an office or in the community may support people seeking deeper understanding from an Islamic point of view as well as an ecological perspective. 

ICR is culturally attuned to barriers experienced by Muslim Youth accessing mental health services, such as anti-muslim sentiment, islamophobia, racism, shame, sexism and intersectionality. 

ICR was developed as a result of Quba Community Service’s direct practice and history of serving Muslim Youth in Toronto in crisis after a critical or life changing incident.


Our innovative team provides confidential mental health crisis intervention for children and adolescents living in Scarborough, Ontario. We provide the following services:


Mental health assesment


Support after a critical incident with community impact such as suicide, hate crime, and community violence.


Safety planning


Guidance understanding the Islamic concept of demonic possessions and mental health symptoms 


Resource and referral coordination


Family or group support


Professional consultation

Things to consider

ICR is not designed to primarily support families understand the Mental Health Act or facilitate an order by justice of the peace for a psychiatric examination.

When a situation for an individual is not a crisis, we may still try our best to provide or connect them with services on an urgent basis.

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