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Friday Ball Program

Historical Context

Quba Community Services’ Friday Ball program began in Midland and Lawrence (SMA gymnasium) in partnership with Scarborough Muslim Association (Masjid Abu Bakr) in 2016. QCS associates implemented a model which emphasized attracting diverse youth into safe spaces on a weekly basis where they would have access to direct services through a monthly forum. Our intention was to foster youth empowerment in an Islamically integrated and methodological way to serve as a replicable model, which could be easily implemented in Islamic communities and Masaajid around the world.

Friday Ball

Friday Ball is a weekly community mental health intervention which utilizes consistency, basketball and groupwork to serve youth that are sometimes reluctant to navigate community spaces. Embedded within Friday Ball, are opportunities where youth engage in social action and often produce innovation. Graduates of Friday Ball have synthesized the model by leading. We facilitate healing among the most vulnerable persons and over the past five years have served hundreds of children and families annually.  

Global Change


We are expanding our model to communities near you. If your masjid or community is interested in consultation, please contact us at 

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